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How to spice up your remote working routine

A lot of employees appreciate working from home and its perks such as flexibility or less commute time. Nonetheless remote work - whether one is working fully remote or in a hybrid setting - does bring its unique challenges. Working from home can feel isolating and challenging in terms of structure, focusing or ending the working day. This article provides some tricks and practices to switch up routines and make the best out of remote working days as an individual, team or company .

7 ways for individuals to change up your work routine:

  1. Change the place your are working from. Remote work does not mean being glued to your desk, so try different spaces such as working from the balcony, park or your favourite coffee shop.

  2. Don't forget breaks. Often working from home means less distraction, but please remember to take frequent breaks and even intentionally schedule them if this helps structuring your work day.

  3. Plan your day. Take a few minutes in the morning to think about todays tasks and your feelings about them. Try writing them down to clear your mind and have everything planned in front of you at a glance.

  4. Decorate our desk to make it a space you enjoy being in. You are spending multiple hours a day in it, so why not design it in way that gives you a moral boost?

  5. Dress-up. Talking about moral boosts: Dressing up can help you with that also, especially on challenging days.

  6. Try a standing desk or frequent breaks for stretching/walking around to keep your body happy and healthy.

  7. Little rituals can help with ending your work day and focusing on your free time even if your desk is just around the corner. Try things like ending every day with a cup of tea, having a candle burning only during work hours or getting a special plant that chills with you on your desk while your are working and gets put away when your work day ends.

6 ways for teams to switch up your working days:

  1. Project sprints - where your whole team works on tasks for a specific project at the same time - can really boost productivity.

  2. Keep meetings as productive as possible by preparing an agenda and not scheduling more time for them then necessary.

  3. Intentional communication can make up for missing small talk around the coffee corner. So make space in your teams work day for them to just chat and see their faces.

  4. Collaborate with different teams than usual. In times where a lot of people work from home: Make the best out of not needing to care about geographical borders.

  5. Let team-members work on exciting projects. Get to know everybodys favourite tasks and allow them to work on passion projects a few hours a week.

  6. Keep things interesting with team challenges. Set a little price and let's see who is the fastest coder, can think about the most blog articles or or has the best idea to push your employer brand.

6 ways for companies to keep your teams engaged when working from home:

  1. Social hours can be more than just staring at each other in Zoom. Try out things like working out or cooking together, social lunches or quizzes to boost team-spirits.

  2. Find a way to recognize your employees hard work. People like to be recognized and that can quickly be forgotten when not seeing each other every day. There are even tools out there for employee-recognition which you can try out.

  3. Boost conversations. Allow enough time for your employees to just chit-chat via off-topic-channels or scheduled coffee dates.

  4. Spread information and make space for questions. A good way of doing that can be town hall meetings or ask-me-anythings to be sure that every employee has the needed information about the companys being.

  5. Encourage flexible scheduling. Some employees like their 9-to-5, but some may be a little too hesitant to plan their work day as it is best for them after switching to remote work. So make sure that everybody is aware that it is completely fine to experiment with a flexible schedule.

  6. Make reality virtual. When your employees are in office they get time to play billiard, stroll the library, pitch a passion-topic to the team or take a retreat? Great! Try transferring these possibilities online to boost work moral.


You would like to boost your remote employees moral? You got a feeling that remote work in your company is not as effective and beneficial as it could be? Your remote teams seem to need some more input or socializing opportunities?

Contact us and we will be happy to arrange a non-binding discussion to provide you with the best possible support for designing your companies remote work in an effective and meaningful way.



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