Gemeinsam als Team

Du arbeitest gerne flexibel und ortsunabhängig? Du suchst abwechslungsreiche Tätigkeiten? Du willst schnell Verantwortung übernehmen? Du arbeitest gerne pragmatisch und analytisch? Lust auf Personalberatung, Recruiting, HR Interim Management, Training & Coaching?

Dann suchen wir Dich als Verstärkung für unser Team.

Wir freuen uns auf Deine Bewerbung.


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Unsere Werte

# Be a team player

We share a common goal - bringing great people together in a motivating and appreciative environment. Everyone of us is an important part of the team. True collaboration means helping each other. We treat each other as equals regardless of experience, age, or position. We value ideas over hierarchy. Every question deserves to be asked, every opinion deserves to be heard, and will be accounted for in our decisions.

# Be committed

We set ambitious goals that define the “what” and empower us to figure out the “how”. We act like owners. One of our key factors for success is setting high standards for ourselves and our work. We act in accordance with the best interest of our clients and Edl Consulting. We never say, “this is not my job/task” but find a solution.

# Empathize with our customers

We strive to understand our customers and their perspectives to make them successful. Our flexibility and agility allows us to change course and adapt to our own needs as well as those of our customers at any time.

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# Driven by impact and result

We do the right thing efficiently - with a plan and the target in view. We work hard, fast and take action to achieve sustainable and inspiring results for our customers and Edl Consulting.

# Solutions over problems

We focus on solutions rather than blaming the circumstances. We get things done and prefer actions over long-winded endless discussions. We think as entrepreneurs, get others on board, and take responsibility. 

# Communi-cation is key

We share all relevant information and communicate the reasons behind our decisions. Shared trust combined with open and honest communication come naturally to us. We listen actively, try to understand the other perspectives and communicate proactively to the point of collaborating effectively. 

# Seek to improve

We challenge the status quo, take initiative to continuously improve and welcome feedback. We act consciously and are not afraid of making mistakes and learning from them.

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